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Monday, April 5, 2010

Watch julie tamil movie online free download

Julie movie is based on the character Julie(Neha Dhupia). After being badly let-down by boyfriends both at home in Goa and in Mumbai, Julie decides to use her natural assets and becomes a successful call-girl.

A chance encounter with well-to-do Mihir away from her work leads to a deepening relationship, a proposal of marriage, and meetings with his family. Julie realizes she now has the problem of how best to tell him about her secret profession.

Director Deepak Shivdasani has said that his film 'Julie' is not about skin show but soul searching. The truth is that the movie has neither. Like a clever businessman, Deepak chose the attention-grabbing story of a prostitute and sprinkled it with regular and controlled doses of skin exposure by actress Neha Dhupia. And lo! comes a movie that has little substance but more saleable factors.

Also add to this the disappointment of those who carry the fancy notion that the movie is some kind of a soft porn. The sexually explicit scenes in the film are somewhat titillating but they do not cross the acceptable limits.

'Julie' tells the tale of transition of a small-town girl into a high society prostitute and her right to self-assertion.